Mobile Phone Insurance

We provide a wide range of solutions to fit any individual or business size. Being without your mobile phone is inconvenient enough but having the additional stress of replacing it just adds to the problem.

Mobile Office Businesses

Mobile office devices are what keep our businesses running smoothly. It’s not uncommon to take an important call or give a presentation whilst on the go. That’s why protecting your customers' assets and securing the quick replacement of their gadgets is definitely a sound investment. Whether it is a laptop, smartphone or a tablet, it can be costly to replace. Protect your customers' gadgets with our insurance cover, to give you peace of mind.

Levels of cover vary but cover can include the following


If your mobile phone is stolen we will replace it.


If you lose your mobile phone we will replace it.

Accidental and Liquid Damage

We'll have your mobile phone fixed and pay for any incurring costs as a result of an accident.

Malicious Damage

If your mobile phone is maliciously damaged by someone else, we'll fix it or replace it for you.

Breakdown/Extended Warranty

If your mobile phone suddenly stops working and your manufacturer's warranty has expired, we'll fix it or replace it for you.

Unauthorised Calls

If you lose or have yout mobile phone stolen and unauthorised calls are made you will be covered.

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